Fuengirola Announces Summer School
Fuengirola Announces Summer School. Image: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

FUENGIROLA Council has announced its summer school.

The council announced its Fuengirola summer school.

According to Fuengirola council, the summer school will take place at the Sohail, Tejar and Valdelecrin schools.


The council said registrations can be made from Tuesday, May 4 and that the classes will take place in the months of July and August.

The news was announced by Councillor for Education, Carmen Diaz, who said: “Today is a very special day, because after a very difficult year we are re-launching the Municipal Summer School in schools.”

She added: “For many years the City Council decided to offer summer schools in Fuengirola and we have been doing so until last year, when as a result of the pandemic there was no activity in any school during the months of July and August.”

She said that the summer school takes place, “to respond to the need to reconcile the personal and work life of families in Fuengirola, but this year we also want to offer play.”

The council announced the prices of the summer school, saying: “The monthly price per participant is €17 for a morning class, €116 for the general schedule of activities and €90 for food.”

The news comes after two police officers were injured in Fuengirola following a crash.

The officers reportedly only suffered minor injuries after they chased a vehicle at high speed.

According to sources, during the chase the police car crashed after skidding in the rain, causing the accident. There are currently no detainees and the investigation into the facts remains open. Only one of the suspects from the gas station in Marbella was identified on the Costa del Sol.