Orihuela orchestra makes a comeback with concert on the beach
CREDIT: Culturaorihuela.com

Orihuela orchestra makes a comeback with concert on the beach.

WHAT better way to enjoy the wonderful talent of Orihuela Symphony Orchestra (OSO) than in the open air at Flamenca Beach.

The celebrated orchestra will perform on the promenade on Saturday, May 1, in a tribute to Orihuela-born 20th Century poet and playwright Miguel Hernandez.


The concert on Saturday is part of a series of spring activities organised by the Orihuela Council’s Department of Culture.

“This concert will feature a total of 20 musicians on a stage who will perform a program designed to evoke moments in the life of the Orihuela poet,” explained councillor Mar Ezcurra, adding that it will feature works by Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Holst, Ricard Meyer and Kalinnikov.

“It is the first time this wonderful orchestra has performed outdoors and in a place with as much charm as the esplanade of Playa Flamenca, in Orihuela Costa,” added Ezcurra.

In addition, a piece `Evocación’ written by OSO conductor, Antonio Pujol, dedicated to Miguel Hernández, will be premiered.

And poems ‘Vientos del Pueblo’, `Elegía’, `Niño Yuntero’ and `Nanas de la cebolla’, will also be narrated by Emilio Pastor and Natalia Rodriguez.

“Drama, uncertainty, agony but also tenderness and joy will be very present in this concert that we are offering outdoors in Orihuela Costa,” said Pujol.

The free concert starts at 7pm, although organsers advise getting there a little earlier as there will be strict capacity control.

Hernández died of tuberculosis aged 31 while imprisoned in Alicante due to his active participation on the Republican side of the civil war. He reportedly escaped the death penalty only thanks to Neruda’s intervention, who was the Chilean ambassador in Spain at the time.